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Husqvarna Idler Pulley Deck for Kohler #589766101

NZD $59.00

Husqvarna Idler Pulley Deck for Kohler

Part No:: 589766101

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Husqvarna Idler Pulley Deck for Kohler

Part No:: 589766101

Fits on

Husqvarna models

EZ4220, EZ4822, RZ4623, YTH48XLS, YTH24V42LS, & Other Lawn Mowers

OEM Part No: 539132728, 539131148, 539112196, 589766101, 589776102, 589766102
OD: 5 7/8″ (149mm)
Fits Husqvarna CZ, RZ models EX22, EZ24T, EZ4217, EZ4220, EZ4624, EZ4822, EZ4824, EZ4824C, EZ4824TF, EZ5221, EZ5224, EZ5225, EZ5226, EZ6124, EZC4824, FD48E, FD52M, FD52MZ, FD61M, FD61MZ, FD62, GT48XLS, GT48XLSI, GT52XLS, GT52XLSI, GTH24V52LS, GTH26V48LS, GTH2752TF, GTH27V48LS, GTH27V52LS, GTH3052, GTH3052TDF, GTH3052TF, GTH52XLS, LSZ4622, LSZ5422, LSZ5424, MZ28ZT, MZ52, MZ5225, MZ5226, MZ5424, MZ5424S, MZ61, MZ6125, MZ6128, MZ7227, M-ZT52, M-ZT61, MZT6130, RZ4219, RZ4221TF, RZ4222TF, RZ4619, RZ4621, RZ4622T, RZ4623, RZ46i, RZ4824TF, RZ5422, RZ5424, TS348, TS352, YT42XLS, YT48XLS, YTH2242TDF, YTH2242TDRF, YTH22V42 YTH22V42LS, YTH23V42LS, YTH24V42LS, YTH24V48LS, YTH2648TDRF, YTH48XLS, Z246, Z246i, Z248F.
Height Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
5964” (49mm) 1116” (17mm) 78” (149mm)



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