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Husqvarna Spindle Assembly (YT48XLS Kohler 7000) #6530178

NZD $122.00

Husqvarna Spindle Assembly

Husqvarna Kohler Engine

Parts No: 65-30178

OEM: 539112170

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Husqvarna Spindle Assembly-CAMA

Husqvarna Kohler Engine

Parts No: 65-30178

OEM Part No: 539112170

Fits Husqvarna Fabricated Deck Models

EZ24T, EZ4220, EZ4822, EZ4824, EZ4824C, EZ4824TF, EZ5221, EZ5224, EZ5226, EZ6124, FD52MZ, FD61MZ, GTH2752TF, GTH3052TDF, GTH3052TF, MZ25, MZ28T, MZ52, MZ5225, MZ5226, MZ6125, MZ7227, RZ4222, RZ4824TF, TS342, TS348, TS352, YTH2242, YTH2242TDF, YTH2242TDRF, YTH2242TF, YTH2648, YTH2648TF, YTH2648TDF, YTH2648TDRF, YTH2648TF



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